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Growth & Development for Children & Young People
Growth & Development for Children & Young People
Growth & Development for Children & Young People

Our piano lessons support children and young people’s creativity and imagination to develop music of different styles and genre. Read more

Drumming is one of the world’s universal instruments when played embodies creativity that can inspire and motivate children and young people. Read more

Dance sessions are fun and energetic in nature comprising of hip-hop, breaking, popping, locking and house. Read more

Gymnastics lessons help build self- determination, and better communication skills in children and young people. Read more

A fun activity that combines aerobics and dance including jumps, stunt sequence, pyramids, standing tumbling, and running tumbling. Read more

Fine art and craft curriculum serve as a participative activity outside the classroom. Read more

Through online and face to face engagement, the project is now tackling some of the health inequalities in relation to physical inactivity. Read more

COVID-19 Early Years Support includes a virtual nursery and a learning resources scheme that will stimulate learning through play at home. Read more

Light Zone included four distinct activities. The project started with Live Workout session with a personal trainer… Read more

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